Sun-Earth Day

In collaboration with partners that include science centers, museums, Sun-Earth Connection missions and others, I have worked with our team to produce activities, webcasts, other multi-media and print resources for use by school and informal educators nation-wide and internationally. We have provided training and professional development to K-12 educators, museum personnel, amateur astronomers, Girl Scout leaders, etc., so they can implement their own outreach programs that take advantage of our resources. This coordinated approach promotes multiple programs occurring all over the world each year under a common theme.

What I Did

Program Coordinataion, Content Managment, Podcast Production, Graphic Design, Activity Development, Social Networking, Educational Technology Coordination, Formal and Informal Education Workshops, Conference Presentations

Sun-Earth Day Themes Include:

Sun-Earth Day

Audio Podcasting Production

In 2006 I became the project lead for the development of a podcasting program that would highlight educational content related to Sun-Earth Day themes. Eventually, it became necessary to divide the growing list of podcasts into separate content categories, or series’. Each series was designed to highlight specific educational content such as SED program highlights, descriptive audio tours, additional science content and storytelling.

Today's visitors can enjoy an even great educational impact! Selected podcasts are directly connected to a supporting SED podcast pages where visitors can access online image galleries and educational activities designed to assist teachers when integrating podcasting technology into the classroom. Also from those pages, users can download complete (508c compliant) transcripts.

Video Podcasting Production

Through a collaborative effort with the successful NASA Edge vodcasting team, I lead the development and launch of a new vodcasting program designed to showcase the latest animations and video clips from NASA’s heliophysics community. Each vodcast opens with a Sun-Earth Day welcome and brief explanation of the NASA video clip being highlighted. Included at the end of the vodcast is additional information for those interested in learning more about the featured video clip, mission(s) involved and related educational resources. Each episode is also accompanied by a supported SED vodcast page containing complete (508c compliant) transcripts.

Graphic Design

Over that past 12 years at NASA I have had to unique opportunity to expand my skills in layout and graphic design. Each new project presents a variety of design challenges that call for eye-catching posters, bookmarks, desktop wallpapers, web features, etc. My main goal each year is to graphically capture the new theme's 'look and feel'. What would I do without Photoshop !

My Favorite Designs: