I am a Senior Technology Integration Specialist with more than 12 years of experience in the design and development of award-winning and internationally recognized NASA Education and Public Outreach (EPO) programs. I acquired my current position based on an extensive background in educational technology, cross-cultural classroom instruction and project management.

Responsibilities include planning, coordinating, implementing, and managing the education and public outreach activities for NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission, Sun-Earth Days and Space Weather Action Center programs. Additional experience includes project management, product development, digital fabrication, collaboration and social networking, podcasting/vodcasting, public speaking, workshop coordination and graphic design.

Senior Technology Integration Specialist

2000 to Present

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Provide ongoing educational technology support to NASA's Heliophysics outreach programs

Education and Public Outreach Mission Lead: 2010-Present

[NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission]

Sun-Earth Days Project Lead: 2004, 2005, Co-lead: 2001-2003, 2006-Present

[NASA's Sun-Earth Days Program]

Project Co-lead: 2004-Present

[NASA's Space Weather Action Center and NASA's Student Observation Network]

  • Create and execute public outreach plans and strategies for Heliophysics education programs with the assistance of Program Scientists, Principal Investigators, Project Scientists, and Project Managers, and in coordination with education team leads.
  • Develop and implement STEM education programs that motivate and instill passion in learners towards chosen fields of study.
  • Coordinate the development and/or maintenance of education and public outreach websites. Ensure the development of a NASA website evaluation instrument and ongoing review process for all NASA educational websites.
  • Collaborate with team leads and partners in writing, designing, constructing, and editing compelling public outreach materials for a variety of media.
  • Develop social media outreach strategies and integration.
  • Develop and produce podcasts (audio//video) and webcasts (hosting and voice-overs).
  • Coordinate educational efforts to reach underserved and underutilized groups
  • Design, develop, and conduct education workshops for formal, informal, and community based audiences.
  • Provide guidance to mission scientists interested in conducting educational activities in the classroom environment and/or informal setting.
  • Ensure alignment of formal education activities with the National Science Education Standards and NASA requirements.
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Technology Coordinator

1996 to 2000

The Enterprise Alternative School, Vienna, VA

Responsible for creating, implementing, and managing overall technology based programs and decisions

  • Coordinated the development of a technology team, strategic management plan, and computer network
  • Created and maintained school website, web-based presentations, and on-line training
  • Developed plan/outline for computer lab and summer distance learning program
  • Selected most appropriate maintenance management system at reasonable cost for technical operations

Academic Coordinator

1996 to 1997

The Enterprise Alternative School, Vienna, VA

Liaison between base school and alternative school system

  • Ensured that aims, goals and objectives were accomplished in accordance with outlined priorities, time limitations, and funding
  • Academic staff meeting coordinator
  • Provided support in coaching, counseling, and aiding staff members in making academic and technological decisions


1994 to 2000

The Enterprise Alternative School, Vienna, VA

Responsible for the integration of math instruction in a therapeutic environment for behavior problem and/or truant adolescents

  • High School Mathematics Teacher: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Technology Applications


1994 to 2000

Tse Ho Tso Middle School, Window Rock, AZ, Navajo Indian Reservation

  • Middle School Social Studies Teacher: Grade 8

Peace Corps Volunteer

1992 to 1993

The United States Peace Corps, Chad, Africa

Responsible for educational development in mathematics

  • Project lead in the development of a French/English mathematics database consisting of proven lesson plans and educational methodologies
  • Received intensive training in the following areas: Chadian history, culture, politics, educational institutions, French and technical skills

Teacher, Substance Abuse Coordinator

1989 to 1992

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Ganado, AZ, Navajo Indian Reservation

Served as fourth and fifth grades (multi-subject) teacher, music (K-6) teacher, Substance Abuse Coordinator (K-6)

  • Team leader on Task Force created to prepare school for NCR (North Central Accreditation) in the following areas: curriculum development, scope and sequence, philosophy, safety