The George Washington University

M.A. Educational Technology and Leadership, 1999

The George Washington University, Washington DC

The Educational Technolgy and Leadership (ETL) program is specifically designed for students who wish to participate in improving the quality of education at school, work, and community through the informed use of educational technologies. To support this design, the ETL program makes use of video, audio, computer and telecommunication technologies uniquely combined to optimize information access and learning at the graduate level. Courses integrate new curricular experiences involving cooperative learning, project-based assessments, expert interviews, product demonstrations, role modeling, field-based inquiry, and world-wide networking with traditional listen and read methods.

The 36-credit-hour program includes required course work in the theory and practice of educational technology systems, technological management systems, policy-making, research methods, and leadership. Nine hours of the program are specialization electives.

At graduation I was interviewed by GWU and asked several questions about my overall experience in the ETL program. Video streaming clips taken from that interview are now on the GWU website at What Our Graduates Say!

B.S. Education( K-8)
Minor: Mathematics Specialization (5-8), 1989

West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

Through a partnership between West Virginia University and Indian University, I was given the option to complete student teaching requirements on the Navajo Indian Reservation. 50% of that time was spent in a middle school in Ganado, AZ. The other 50% was completed in and elementary school in Kinlichee, AZ. Upon completion of my degree, I was asked to stay at the Kinlichee Boarding School as a full time 4-5 teacher. While there I was able to start both science and music programs.