NASA Group Achievement Awards

Ten separate awards were given to our team in recognition of our outstanding accomplishments made through the coordination of many individual efforts and its substantial contributions to the accomplishment of NASA's Sun-Earth Connection mission. (Awards recieved between 2002-2013)


The Pirelli International Award

Co-creator in the development and design of NASA's Space Weather Media Viewer. This Pirelli award is the world's first Internet multimedia award aimed at the diffusion of scientific and technological culture worldwide.


SP Systems Peer Award

Awarded to Troy Cline by SP Systems for keeping NASA ahead of the curve with ventures into educational technology.


NASA 2004 Education and Public Outreach Award

Co-creator of the Student Observation Network (SON): developed for NASA to involve students in the discovery of NASA's Sun-Earth missions through and innovative technology application program.


Technology and Learning Magazine's Software Development Award

Co-creator in the development and design of the award winning organizational and management-based software program, 'Foundations for Education'. As a result, The Enterprise School was named one of the 'Top 50 Model Schools' in the nation by Technology and Learning Magazine (1998).