About Troy

I currently serve as a Senior Technology Integration Specialist for NASA with more than 12 years of experience in the design, development and management of award-winning and internationally recognized Education and Public Outreach (EPO) programs. During that time I have provided ongoing educational technology support and leadership in the development and distribution of educational programs and materials reaching over 50 million people worldwide. I also have an extensive background in cross-cultural education including early teaching experiences on the Navajo Indian Reservation and in Chad, Africa, where I served in the United States Peace Corps. Those experiences have greatly shaped my approach to current project assignments, educational templates and thematic learning modules.

I am an experienced project manager, adept at providing advice to colleagues on their projects and taking the management lead on individual projects as assigned and taking projects from conception to production and distribution. My additional work experience includes graphic design, digital fabrication, website content management, product development, podcasting, social networking, workshop coordination, and public speaking.

Educational Technology Integration

Over the past 6 years I initiated and maintained the formal development of new research based approaches to educational technology integration within NASA's heliophysics programs. These approaches lead to the development of a new STEM program that allows students to create Space Weather Action Centers in their schools. These centers encourage students to collect Space Weather data from existing resources, analyze that data and deliver an inexpensive video report on space weather and/or mission science. In addition I continue to lead in the development of new podcasting and vodcasting programs as well as the incorporation of innovative social networking applications.

Cross-Cultural Classroom Experience

Before coming to NASA, I was a high school mathematics teacher and Educational Technology Coordinator at an alternative high school in Virginia, working with ‘at-risk’ students. While there I led the creation and maintenance of an Instructional Technology Plan leading to the integration of current and accessible technologies into educational curriculum. Prior to working in Virginia, my teaching career took me to some exceptional places beginning with my first teaching experience on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Kinlichee, AZ. While there I taught in a Bureau of Indian Affairs boarding school for three years. That experience included: 4th and 5th grades (Multi-subject instruction), music (K-6 instruction), Substance Abuse Coordinator (K-6), Team leader on Task Force created to prepare school for NCR (North Central Accreditation) in the following areas: curriculum development, scope and sequence, philosophy, safety.

United States Peace Corps

I was sworn-in as a Peace Corps Volunteer by the U.S. Ambassador of Chad, Africa, on September 27, 1991. Thereafter I was posted in the village of Doba and was responsible to the Ministry of Education during my volunteer service in Chad. I served as a Math teacher assigned to the Lycee (high school) in said village until January of 1992. I then transferred to the village of Gouna-Gaya where I continued my work in a much more rural setting. While there I led the development of a French/English mathematics database consisting of proven lesson plans and educational methodologies.